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Urgent Suspected Cancer Referral pathways materials update

15th February 2022

The urgent suspected cancer referral forms (2 week wait referral forms) were developed following publication of NG12 NICE guidance in 2015. To ensure they remain relevant, they are reviewed and updated regularly to reflect agreed changes to pathways including the availability of new tests.

London Cancer Alliances, GP, Acute Trusts, specialist cancer services, dentistry and optometry colleagues across all London Integrated Care Systems were consulted for feedback on proposed changes and opportunities for improvements to speed post-COVID recovery. The forms are designed to reflect regional pathways embedding national guidelines and are used universally for all urgent suspected cancer referrals to London specialist services, this means that any changes great or small will impact all practices and referrals across London. Therefore the process for change must include staff and patient engagement along the pathway and rigorous testing of the three primary care systems (EMIS, SystmOne and Vision) used across London to ensure there are no unintended consequences.

The Transforming Cancer Services Early Diagnosis team are currently working to incorporate changes, reformat the urgent suspected cancer referral forms and update the associated guides and patient information to ensure a smoother running pathway for all. They will be working with DXS (the team’s technical provider) to develop and test versions the new forms in systems with a projected roll out in late spring 2022.


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