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Thrive LDN reaches 15.5 million people

10th January 2018


Thrive LDN has published a report on the early findings from its ‘Are we OK London?’ campaign which launched in July to start an open conversation with Londoners about mental health and wellbeing.

The report provides an overview of the engagement achieved so far and the feedback from Londoners to help identify any gaps and shape the next stage of the campaign to make sure all Londoners and communities are reached.

During the findings period, Thrive LDN community workshops were held in seven London boroughs where residents were at the highest risk of developing poor mental health. The report sets out the most frequent themes and ideas shared by Londoners at the workshops during discussions about Thrive LDN’s six aspirations for the capital.  The report also shares feedback from Londoners who took part in 17 problem solving booths over the summer and those who joined an online discussion about mental health through Talk London.

As well as the community workshops, Thrive LDN attended over 150 external meetings and events over the summer and engaged with over 250 organisations, from across the public, private and charitable sectors.

The report sets out plans for the next phase of Thrive LDN, which includes a growing network of Thrive LDN champions, the creation of localised Thrive LDN and Time to Change hubs, and a plan of 40 projects aligned to the movement’s six aspirations.

Community workshops will be delivered in half of all London boroughs to hear from residents by March 2018.

Thrive LDN is also working with Revealing Reality to carry out research that will look at stigma and discrimination associated with mental health, and how this intersects with other forms of stigma and discrimination.

As part of a partnership with Team London and #IWill Fund  medium-sized grants of £5,000-£10,000 will be awarded to organisations who oversee projects that encourage young Londoners to volunteer, in addition to promoting good mental health and wellbeing.

In continuation with Thrive LDN’s work with young people, those involved in faith communities are being invited to join a Thrive Together event​ on 15 February.  Young people and faith leaders will lead discussions on key mental health topics and how faith can play its role to stimulate more positive conversations; especially to tackling stigma.

The community workshops will re-start on January 24 in the London Borough of Brent​. Another workshop will take place in Harrow on January 31.    Each workshop allows us hear directly from local communities as ideas are shared on how we can all work together to improve mental health locally and across the city.

Download the ‘Are we OK London?’ campaign findings report. 

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