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Case study: Developing pan London commissioning policies

7th November 2018

Bringing together partners with clinicians and Londoners is one of the key roles Healthy London Partnership plays in tackling London’s most complex health challenges. Through clinically-led partnership working across London’s Sustainability and Transformation partnerships (STPs) and NHS England (London region), Healthy London Partnership has played an important part in the development of pan London commissioning […]

London Choosing Wisely: outcomes

19th October 2018

In December 2017, London’s Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) Accountable Officers commissioned a series of clinical expert working groups to inform the harmonisation of clinical commissioning policies for a limited number of specific treatments.  The aim of the work was to ensure that Londoners have equal access to these treatments based on evidence based clinical criteria. […]

London Choosing Wisely: Updates, steering group members, FAQs

12th March 2018

Progress updates from the London Choosing Wisely programme; its steering group membership and latest frequently asked questions for download.  London Choosing Wisely is a clinically-led review of evidence for a set of surgical procedures, to make sure they are used consistently across London and their use follows a criteria that ultimately improves the health of […]