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Fast-Track Cities message from the Chairs 1 April 2020

1st April 2020

A message from the Co-Chairs of Fast-Track Cities London This is a challenging time for people and organisations all around London. It’s inspirational to see how people have come together to support all Londoners and particularly people living with HIV. Health transformation work across London is largely being paused, to make sure the maximum number […]

Working together to get London to zero HIV stigma

22nd January 2020

London has always taken an innovative approach to tackling HIV. London has got to where it is today by a mix of highly effective treatment, some of the best testing and diagnosis in the world, a combination of prevention methods and the huge range of organisations in London supporting and advocating on behalf of people […]

Have your say on Fast-Track Cities work to get London to zero HIV-related stigma

18th December 2019

  Working together towards a stigma free city Despite all the advances in clinical care, we know that for people living with HIV life can be difficult because of stigma and discrimination. HIV stigma is often based on an outdated idea about HIV and compounded by discrimination of other characteristics such as gender, sexuality, race, […]

New £3 million HIV improvement fund from Fast-Track Cities London

18th October 2019

Fast-Track Cities London is an international initiative to end the global AIDS epidemic by 2030, signed by the four London partners in 2018; London Councils, Public Health England, NHS England and the Mayor of London. From today, Friday 18 October 2019 organisations can apply to the Fast-Track Cities London £3 million HIV improvement fund. The […]

World AIDS Day 2019 – Save the date for Fast-Track Cities London

18th October 2019

Save the date for World AIDS Day 2019 with the Fast-Track Cities London Leadership Group. 1 in 8 Londoners living with HIV have only disclosed their status in a healthcare setting A quarter of people living with HIV worry about being gossiped about One in ten people avoid family or social gatherings HIV stigma negatively […]

Fast-Track Cities Initiative Global Summit

17th October 2019

Last month London hosted the first international Fast-Track Cities HIV global summit. More than 700 people from 220 cities around the world came to London to share expertise on meeting the United Nations AIDS targets and ending HIV as a public health threat by 2030. It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase our great city […]

Fast-Track Cities festival of cultural activities engagement pack

24th July 2019

London has been chosen to host the first Fast Track Cities international conference because we are the first global city to exceed the United Nations AIDS targets for tackling HIV. We want to make sure London’s outstanding HIV community is actively engaged, highly visible and well represented throughout the conference period. This represents an excellent […]

Join London’s Fast-Track Cities HIV festival of cultural activities

24th July 2019

London has joined the international Fast-Track Cities initiative to ‘Get London to Zero’ HIV by 2030. London is the best city in the world for HIV detection and treatment with 95% of people with HIV diagnosed, 98% on treatment and 97% with the virus undetectable. London has been picked to host the first international Fast-Track […]