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Fast-Track Cities has stopped updating on the Healthy London Partnership website. Please go to the Fast-Track Cities London website for the latest.

Case study: Using Quality Improvement (QI) to get London to zero HIV

10th November 2020

In October 2019 the Fast-Track Cities Leadership Group launched an improvement fund of £1 million per year for three years. The aim of the fund was to build on, and complement, all the excellent existing work in London. The fund offered grants to tackle HIV testing, ensure more people with HIV stay on treatment and support […]

A Black history of HIV in London – stories from Londoners

15th October 2020

Fast-Track Cities London and One Voice Network  are marking Black History Month 2020 by documenting the stories, work and opinions of Black people living with HIV in London and the people and organisations supporting them. Black people in London are disproportionately affected by poor sexual health Of all heterosexual people diagnosed with HIV in 2018, […]

Working together to end HIV stigma in London

9th September 2020

Following a pause of the Fast-Track Cities London stigma subgroup, we’ve now reconvened so we can review the plans we developed together with the HIV community and sector to end stigma in London. Back in January and February we heard from over 100 people and agencies about what London should do to end the stigma around HIV. […]

Fast-Track Cities September 2020 update

9th September 2020

Watch our videos All our past videos and webinars can be found on the Healthy London Partnership You Tube channel on our Fast-Track Cities playlist here. Read about and watch previous webinars here.   Working together to end stigma Following a pause of the Fast-Track Cities London stigma subgroup, we’ve now reconvened so we can review […]

Fast-Track Cities August 2020 update

27th August 2020

Watch the latest webinar Over 150 people joined us live last Tuesday for the second Fast-Track Cities London webinar. This time it was on on COVID-19, inequalities and BAME communities: implications for HIV prevention. It was presented by Professor Kevin Fenton, our Co-Chair and London’s Regional Director for Public Health England. Read more about it […]

Fast-Track Cities June 2020 update

30th June 2020

Black lives matter As protests against racial injustice continue across the world, we’d like to make clear that the Fast-Track Cities London team stands firmly in solidarity with the Black community and the essential movement towards true equality, cooperation, respect, and inclusion. We believe our greatest strength is in standing together. We refuse racism, hatred […]

HIV testing for people who are homeless

9th June 2020

What happened? The COVID-19 pandemic has meant London has been working together to bring many people who experience homelessness into hotels across the city, so they can stay safe. This presented an opportunity to test many of these people for HIV and some other sexually transmitted diseases. Fast-Track Cities London has supported the Find and Treat homeless […]

Fast-Track Cities case study: Living Well improvement project

5th June 2020

What was the original proposal? Living Well proposed to work with London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust and various local voluntary sector partners. The project, called Connect Well, aims to support people living with HIV who may be experiencing loneliness and isolation. The original proposal was that this would be done face to face, […]

Fast-Track Cities April 2020 update

29th April 2020

Fast-Track Cities improvement projects Given this is such a challenging time for people and organisations, it has been fantastic to see so much creativity happening. We’ve seen how charities, clinicians and our statutory partners are continuing to support people living with HIV and carry on their vital services. The improvement community is made up of […]