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Healthy London Partnership highlights report 2018-19

15th April 2019

Our 2018/19 highlights report outlines some of our collective achievements in the past year, delivered through collaboration and partnership working to tackle London-wide challenges to health and care. Collectively delivering for London Healthy London Partnership (HLP) has continued to support the transformation of health and care for Londoners in 2018/19. There has been significant progress […]

Crisis care programme engagement reports

13th September 2018

Documents and a presentation providing the full picture of the engagement, public and professional, conducted as part of the London Crisis Care Programme. Overview of engagement activity including an audit of the key stakeholder groups involved (49 pages) Summary of public engagement (6 pages) Presentation offering an overview of the crisis care programme and the […]

Healthy London Partnership annual engagement report 2016-17

28th November 2017

Our annual report of the activities we conducted to involve and engage Londoners in making our capital the healthiest global city in the world.  We collaborate, innovate and deliver on changes that make sense to do once for London to improve health and care for everyone. We constantly have our eye on the future, looking at […]