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Updates to cancer staging data

29th September 2023

We’ve recently updated the cancer data on our website to reflect the latest published figures for: Sub-ICB Cancer stage at diagnosis; and Cancer Alliance stage at diagnosis Data shows the case-mix adjusted percentage of cancers diagnosed at stage one and two for twenty-one malignant cancers in England in 2013-2020 by sub-ICB and Cancer Alliance respectively. […]

Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT)

13th May 2019

We have been supporting care homes to complete the first steps required to achieve entry level of the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT). By completing the toolkit care homes are able to demonstrate they are aware of; data protection policies, their responsibilities for recording accurate data – whilst keeping it safe and secure, and […]

Population data for children and young people

21st November 2017

Data packs to support London areas drafting sustainability and transformation plans. They will be extended and adapted following user feedback. Items below include general data describing CCG population’s of children and young people and larger population groupings plus some population health behaviours.

London social prescribing dashboard

15th November 2017

Our interactive dashboard shows the potential cost benefits for social prescribing and expert patient programmes in London.  These are localised population health analysis tools, including heat maps, developed to support planning and implementation of social prescribing in London. Use the tools to explore potential savings created by using social prescribing initiatives. Go to the online […]

Mental health dashboard guide and FAQs

26th October 2017

The London Mental Health Dashboard seamlessly brings together a wide range of sources, creating a one-stop data shop that is a reliable and timely resource for mental health across London. It is a transformational tool that aims to monitor and support the main strategic priorities of London’s mental health system. Go directly to the London Mental Health Dashboard We […]

Charlson co-morbidity index score workbook

25th August 2017

Our Transforming Cancer Services Team’s clinicians, in partnership with Public Health England, have researched the demographic variation of people living in London with serious co-morbidities (that involved an inpatient stay) at the time of their cancer diagnosis.  People who are diagnosed with cancer may often have other diseases or long term conditions. These comorbidities can […]

Improving patient care by joining up NHS organisations

20th February 2017

Mike Part, Head of our London Digital Programme, explains how the programme is working to improve patient care by enabling NHS organisations to share information across London. It is widely recognised that NHS organisations in London need to be able to securely share patient information in order to provide the best care for patients. Better […]