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Multi-agency Mental Health Act training Evaluation

18th September 2019

In 2017, London’s Crisis Care Programme developed multiagency training sessions to support the preparation of local systems for section 136 (s136) Mental Health Act (MHA) legislation changes in November 2017. These were initially held in each of London’s mental health trusts and at London Ambulance Service (LAS). The training focused on MHA and aligning local […]

SLaM’s centralised health-based place of safety evaluation 2018

12th November 2018

An evaluation of the sustainability and impact of the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust’s centralised health-based place of safety model.  This second report builds on the initial evaluation of November 2017, to see whether original trends identified have been sustained, and whether there has been any additional impact or any unintended consequences since […]

Crisis care programme engagement reports

13th September 2018

Documents and a presentation providing the full picture of the engagement, public and professional, conducted as part of the London Crisis Care Programme. Overview of engagement activity including an audit of the key stakeholder groups involved (49 pages) Summary of public engagement (6 pages) Presentation offering an overview of the crisis care programme and the […]

Health Based Place of Safety: Business case

12th April 2018

The business case for implementing London’s new model of care for people detained using Section 136 of the Mental Health Act (S136) and the proposed reconfiguration of Health Based Place of Safety (HBPoS) sites, plus an update on London’s Crisis Care Programme. This business case for service change details London’s new model of care and proposed […]

Voluntary mental health attendance to hospital form

1st April 2018

A form for police and emergency department staff to use when handing over individuals that have voluntarily identified themselves to the police while experiencing a mental health crisis. A handover process was developed by Healthy London Partnership in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and London’s Urgent and Emergency Care system to improve information sharing, partnership […]

Learning – Launch of London’s section 136 pathway

19th March 2018

A report capturing the learning from the launch of London’s section 136 and health based place of safety specification in December 2016.  It provides a summary of: content presented discussions question and answer panel session media coverage feedback from delegates next steps [ssba_hide]

Mental health crisis care toolkit

20th December 2017

Our mental health crisis care toolkit has been developed to support London’s crisis care teams to provide high quality and consistent care across the capital. The toolkit is designed to support local training to all NHS, local authority and police staff involved in the s136 pathway. The latest toolkit includes: training materials from multiagency sessions […]

In focus – London’s Section 136 Pathway and Health Based Places of Safety

19th December 2017

London’s new section 136 pathway and Health Based Place of Safety specification was published in December 2016. Healthy London Partnership is supporting London’s crisis care system to positively transform the quality of care for individuals detained under section 136 of the Mental Health Act. This work is built on the foundations of the Mental Health […]

SLaM’s centralised health-based place of safety evaluation 2017

7th December 2017

An evaluation of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust’s centralised health-based place of safety. This report outlines evaluation findings of the new centralised health-based place of safety service model at the Maudsley Hospital. The SLaM place of safety opened as a pilot in January 2017. The new model replaced four single-occupancy sites in Lambeth, […]

Demand management for mental health crisis

6th October 2017

This rapid review looks at crisis services present in London and across the country that have demonstrated success in providing individuals with timely and effective care and support, over and above A&E departments and Health Based Place of Safety sites. Information included aims to support local areas that are  looking more broadly at crisis care […]