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Case study: NHS e-Referral Service rollout for London

16th October 2018

Bringing together partners with transformation experts and Londoners is one of the key roles Healthy London Partnership plays in tackling London’s most complex health challenges. For example, through recent partnership working between local organisations, NHS England (London region) and NHS Digital, Healthy London Partnership has played an important part in helping London switch off paper […]

Case study: London’s mental health handover form

18th June 2018

Some of the things we do might be small and simple but have a massive impact on people’s lives. For example, we worked with London’s A&E departments and police forces to develop a handover form, which has resulted in 83 per cent fewer people going missing from A&E when having a mental health crisis, compared […]

Acutely unwell children and young people: compendium of new care models

6th November 2016

Case studies for commissioners and providers of out of hospital healthcare services for children. Different services are described to help others understand what some areas are already doing. We collected information directly from services and have not conducted independent evaluations. Details are included where a service has carried out an evaluation. A local contact you can approach for more information has been identified […]