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Successful multiagency training for London’s mental health crisis care professionals

5th July 2017

London’s crisis care professionals are developing new knowledge and skills to ensure significant improvements in experiences and clinical outcomes for some of our city’s most vulnerable individuals.

Healthy London Partnership is supporting multiagency training sessions for staff across the capital working at health based place of safety sites, A&Es, London’s police forces, London Ambulance Service, and approved mental health professional services.

Crisis care training has been facilitated by a mental health legal consultant and trainer. It aims to prepare individuals across the crisis care system for expected Mental Health Act changes and guides participants through London’s new section 136 pathway published last year.

Changes to the Mental Health Act will come into force later this year. Combined, these will bring about positive developments for people experiencing a mental health crisis in London. Particularly when it comes to ensuring they quickly get support and care in the most appropriate environments. Implications for section 136 legislation include:

  • an extension of the police power to any place other than a private residence
  • further restriction on the use of police cells as a place of safety
  • a requirement for police officers to consult with mental health practitioners before exercising section 136 where practicable
  • reducing the length of time someone may be detained for the purposes of an assessment from 72 to 24 hours.

So far training has been well received. Attendees say they valued the opportunity for multiagency discussion about common challenges, and have a better understanding of how local protocols are changing or need to change in response to the revised legislation:

  • 95% say they were satisfied with the training overall
  • 93% say the training provided an opportunity to build and improve working relations with other agencies
  • 93% say the session provided them with actions they could take away.

More sessions are planned for July, September and October this year. If you are interested in taking part or want more information please email:

Notes for editors:

Crisis care for Londoners: London Section 136 pathway and Health Based Place of Safety Specification was launched by Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, December 2016. It was endorsed by NHS England, London’s NHS commissioners, London’s Mental Health Trust Chief Executives, London Adult Directors of Social Services, Metropolitan Police, City of London Police, British Transport Police, London Ambulance Service, Royal College of Psychiatry, Mind charity and the National Crisis Care Concordat Initiative.

Download guidance: Mental Health Crisis Care for Londoners (2016)

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