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Sleep problems

Find resources and tips on how to improve your sleep as way of protecting your mental health. Sleep problems Audio: Sleep problems – This NHS webpage provides you with mental wellbeing audio guides. These guides have ben created to boost your mood and help you through feelings such as anxiety. This page also has a link […]

Bereavement support

The below organisations offer support to help children and young people who have experienced a bereavement. Don’t suffer alone. Child Bereavement UK – supporting bereaved children and young people Child Bereavement UK provide information to help children and young people deal with various emotions when experiencing a bereavement, such as coping with feeling anxious, angry, […]

Covid-19 resources

This page contains resources to support children and young people on understanding COVID-19 measures.   COVID-19 resources for primary school age children Coronavirus fact sheet for children Information for children by National Geographic Kids about what coronavirus is, how it started, what social distancing means, and what you can do to help! The Stay Home […]

Young people with ADHD

Find resources to support young people living with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) on this page.   Advice for young people with ADHD Good Thinking (Digital mental wellbeing platform) provides 8 top tips for children and young people with living with ADHD as well as directing you to other resources if you need further help. […]

Young people over 13 years old

Young people aged over 13 years of age can find resources on this page to supporting different areas of your mental health, including coping under the pressures of exam season. Coping under pressure 10 stress busters – This NHS webpage advises you on 10 ways to deal with stress. It outlines 10 healthy coping mechanisms and […]

Young people under 13 years old

This page contains resources to support young people under the age of 13, including coping with COVID-19 and general worries about your mental health.   Advice on Coronavirus & Mental Health Good thinking is a digital mental wellbeing support for London. This section of the website provides mental health tips for children and young people, […]

Covid Conversations: Communications resources


To encourage people to use our COVID-19 Conversations resources, we’ve put together a selection of posters for you to print off and put in communal areas. These include QR codes that colleagues can scan and browse the resources on our site. Jump to section Acute care Social care All settings Poster for acute care View […]

Having a confident COVID-19 conversation

Whether to get a COVID-19 vaccination is an important decision. This is because although there is strong scientific evidence that being fully vaccinated is in the best interests of most people many still have heartfelt and genuine concerns that they need to explore properly before they can feel confident about getting vaccinated. This page is […]

Children and young people asthma films


The following films around asthma and asthma care have been produced for children and young people. Preventable is a short film written, produced and directed by young people to help and support young asthmatics and those who care for them. This version has been specially adapted for our team and can be used to help […]

CYP 24/7 Crisis lines signpost numbers

Every mental health trust in London has put in place a 24/7 crisis line for people of all ages – children, young people and adults. The lines which are free to call can provide advice to those in a crisis. These crisis lines are supported by trained mental health advisors 365 days a year. Visit […]

Good Thinking workshops: the impact of digital inclusion on community health outcomes

Research suggests that the Covid-19 pandemic has amplified inequalities in areas such as health and education within many communities across London, particularly when it comes to access to health services online. This autumn, Good Thinking will run four online workshops to explore the impact of digital exclusion on health inequalities and the risks of connecting […]

Five ways to Wellbeing and Judaism

COVID-19 has impacted the whole world; for almost everyone, life has had to change profoundly with an increase in a range of mental health conditions for adults, from emotional exhaustion, sleep problems and anxiety to depression. In response, the Good Thinking team has been developing the service making changes to offer better and more relatable […]