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Resources to promote outcome measures in Mental Health launched

15th October 2019

The Mental Health Transformation Team are delighted to launch resources on HoNOS and DIALOG, designed to promote the use of patient outcome measures in Mental Health. Measuring outcome measures provides a way for patients, clinicians and the health and care systems to understand the impact of the care provided. Outcome measures can be used to identify patient needs and understand the effectiveness of any care or treatment.

The resources are designed for clinical teams and will provide the information needed to be able to confidently use and interpret outcome measure data – this can be for individual service users, teams and services.

Resources can be downloaded here

London Mental Health Trusts have an agreement to use Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) as the consistent London clinician reported outcome measure (CROM) and DIALOG as the patient reported outcome measure (PROM) for Early Intervention Psychosis services and Care Programme Approach.

The Healthy London Partnership Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems (MHICS) programme, led by Carolyn Regan (Chief Executive of West London NHS Trust) and Tonia Michaelides (Managing Director for Kingston and Richmond CCGs) has provided support to Trusts to develop a series of tools for each outcome measure to support implementation across London.

The development of the HoNOS and DIALOG tools have been clinically led through the London MHICS clinical and technical group, the London DIALOG implementation steering group, the London Early Intervention in Psychosis clinical reference group and all London Mental Health Trusts have contributed.

Vincent Kirchner, Medical Director for Camden and Islington Clinical Director, London Mental Health Transformation Programme said: “We welcome the development of these resources designed to support the implementation and use of DIALOG (patient reported outcome measure) and HoNOS (clinically reported outcome measure) across London’s Mental Health Trusts.

“The ability to understand how care provided to a person with a mental health illness is impacting on their outcomes, is a fundamental part of routine clinical practice. Capturing London DIALOG data gives a powerful indicator of service user satisfaction levels, supports personalisation of their care and helps health and social care services understand where to focus quality improvement initiatives. These tools are a much needed resource to drive the use of outcomes across London and supports the NHS’s commitment to work with Londoners to improve mental health care.”

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If you have any questions regarding these materials, please email the London Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems team.

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