Resources: Primary care

Implementing workforce change to deliver future primary care services

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Our event on Wednesday 2 August 2017 explored what delivering future primary care services means for your London practice. We heard from those already working in new ways and learned how to understand tools and techniques to support your practices in integrating new roles. This free event focused on bringing practice teams, commissioners and other key stakeholders together from across […]

GP online – communications toolkit

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All across London, GP patients can now manage their health online in much the same way they handle banking and shopping. Everyone who is registered with a GP can get access to their practice’s online services.  With so many benefits to surgeries and patients, we are keen to increase awareness of GP online services and […]

Delivering the GP Forward View in London

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Presentations from our April 19, 2017 event where more than 130 London GPs, practice managers and commissioners come together to look at new ways of offering patients online consultations. The event aimed to support London CCGs and GP practices to understand the wider strategy for enabling online GP consultations widely accessible. It also aimed to help them […]

21st Century primary care working at scale: 14 April 2017

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In recent years, general practice workload has increased while there has been little growth in either funding or workforce. Securing the future of general practice requires a willingness to do things differently while building on examples of effective approaches in use or development across the UK and across the globe. These are presentations from the 14 April, 2017 London event […]

Primary care workforce modelling

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These primary care tools have supported London’s five sustainability and transformation planning (STP) areas, 16 CCGs, local federations and practices to baseline current and future workforce needs, and test the impacts of different strategies locally before implementing them.  The following tools and resources have been made available to share learning from this work and introduce some possible […]

Delivering Patient Online

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On Friday 18th November the Transforming Primary Care programme alongside the National Patient Online team held an event for 180 Practice Managers, Administrators, CCG IT leads, CCG IT Support and programme facilitators from over 26 CCGs to explore how to better utilise online services for patients. Technology and digital health care provision play an increasingly significant role […]

Summary care record

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By 2017 all London pharmacists will use summary care records to support direct patient and citizen care by improving the efficiency of delivery, informing decision making, and ultimately ensuring safer outcomes. This presentation has been developed for community pharmacists to support their development. What is a summary care record (SCR)? An electronic patient summary containing […]

21st Century Primary Care: 13 October 2016

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We focused on better ways to use existing resources, like a highly skilled workforce and emerging digital technologies to achieve this vision. Stakeholders from across London’s health and care system explored how we make the vision of a world class, modern primary care system a reality.

Coordinate care: 4 February 2016

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We want to create a system that co-ordinates care and supports people to stay well. Many Londoners are be receiving care from several different services and that can become confusing and frustrating when services fail to work in close collaboration. On 4 February 2016, we held an event for representatives of London’s primary care services. This […]