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Fast-Track Cities case study: Living Well improvement project


What was the original proposal? Living Well proposed to work with London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust and various local voluntary sector partners. The project, called Connect Well, aims to support people living with HIV who may be experiencing loneliness and isolation. The original proposal was that this would be done face to face, […]

Primary Care Case Studies


You can read several insightful case studies below relating to primary care ranging from GP retention to extended access and primary care networks. 2018-2019 GP retention schemes across North Central London (NCL) – case study Workforce Modelling Tool – case study One Health Lewisham Extended Access – case study UCLPartners Emerging Leaders Programme in Barking, […]

Case study: Primary Care Networks in North Central London – Islington GP Federation – March 2019

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By Sana Burney, Primary Care Network Operational Lead. The demand on access to local health services is increasing as more people are living longer, often with multiple long term conditions. To meet these needs, practices have begun working together and with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in primary care networks […]

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Mapping of pan London cancer rehabilitation services

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Rehabilitation is a vital component in the care of people living with and beyond cancer and is key to delivering personalised care. Cancer rehabilitation provides a range of benefits for the wider healthcare economy but more needs to be done to raise the profile and awareness of cancer rehabilitation in London. This service mapping report […]

Social prescribing: our vision for London 2018-2028

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Over the last few months, the Healthy London Partnership (HLP) proactive care team has been working closely with the Greater London Authority (GLA) and other key stakeholders to develop a ‘Social Prescribing Vision for London’. The vision has been developed by the GLA, NHS England, HLP and the London Social Prescribing Network, in collaboration with […]

Case study: Developing pan London commissioning policies


Bringing together partners with clinicians and Londoners is one of the key roles Healthy London Partnership plays in tackling London’s most complex health challenges. Through clinically-led partnership working across London’s Sustainability and Transformation partnerships (STPs) and NHS England (London region), Healthy London Partnership has played an important part in the development of pan London commissioning […]

Case study: Lewisham GP Extended Access (GPEA) Service


London has been leading the way to ensure everyone has easier and more convenient access to GP services, including appointments at evening and weekends.  It was the first region in the UK to fully offer extended access services to the entirety of its 9 million population. An example of practices working collaboratively at scale to provide GP extended access […]

Case study: NHS e-Referral Service rollout for London


Bringing together partners with transformation experts and Londoners is one of the key roles Healthy London Partnership plays in tackling London’s most complex health challenges. For example, through recent partnership working between local organisations, NHS England (London region) and NHS Digital, Healthy London Partnership has played an important part in helping London switch off paper […]

Case study: London’s mental health handover form


Some of the things we do might be small and simple but have a massive impact on people’s lives. For example, we worked with London’s A&E departments and police forces to develop a handover form, which has resulted in 83 per cent fewer people going missing from A&E when having a mental health crisis, compared […]