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Workforce modelling and building a model

Our workforce modelling team partnered with Health Education England (HEE) and London’s five sustainability and transformation planning (STP) areas, including CCGs, providers and local authorities, to consider the additional pressure a growing and ageing population would place on London’s future workforce. 

Using a system dynamics modelling tool, we supported STPs to baseline the current primary care workforce, create adaptable models to test future needs, and support the development of local strategies for providing sustainable services to 2021 and beyond. STP developers have used this work to inform the workforce and primary care elements of their transformation plans. Social care and mental health models have been developed subsequently by using the same principles.

Two introductory guides have been created for a general introduction to workforce modelling and approaches to building a model. There are also tips for getting started and where to go for further information.

More more modelling support tools are available



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