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Healthy London Partnership briefing: The NHS Long Term Plan in summary

On 7th January 2019, NHS England published the NHS Long Term Plan, setting out its priorities for healthcare over the next ten years and showing how the NHS funding settlement will be used.

Healthy London Partnership briefing summary

This Healthy London Partnership briefing summarises the long-term plan and highlights important references to partnership working and health and care transformation. The headline takeaway from the the NHS Long Term Plan is:

The NHS will increasingly be:

  • more joined-up and coordinated in its care
  • more proactive in the services it provides
  • more differentiated in its support offer to individuals.

Five major, practical, changes to the NHS service model to bring this about over the next five years:

  1. Boost ‘out-of-hospital’ care, and dissolve the primary and community health services divide
  2. Redesign and reduce pressure on emergency hospital services
  3. People will get more control over their own health, and more personalised care
  4. Digitally-enabled primary and outpatient care will go mainstream across the NHS
  5. Local NHS organisations will increasingly focus on population health and local partnerships with local authority-funded services, through new Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) everywhere.

NHS England short summary

Separately, NHS England has produced a brief summary that highlights what the NHS Long Term Plan will deliver for patients and an overview of the key things you can expect to see and hear about as local NHS organisations work with their partners to turn the ambitions in the plan into improvements in services across the country. This is available via the dedicated NHS Long Term Plan website.

Healthy London Partnership briefing: planning guidance 2019/20

We have also published a summary of the planning guidance for 2019/20 that was published immediately after the publication of the NHS Long Term Plan.

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