Working better together

Creating change and addressing the unacceptable gap in life expectancy will require a whole-system approach that supports the delivery of smoking interventions to address culture and stigma, screening rates, treatment rates and treatment efficacy. We need to work together to scale up coverage of stop smoking advice and provide interventions in the most cost effective and meaningful way possible.

Actions to take

  • Take a strategic cross-sector/setting approach and deliver multilevel interventions from health promotion to cessation treatment.
  • Optimise interfaces with other prevention initiatives, voluntary sector organisations and government agencies to maximise impact.
  • NHS commissioners and providers should work with public health and local authorities to ensure that full pathways from screening, referral to interventions for smoking are available and able to effectively support those living with serious mental illness (SMI).
  • Utilise the enhanced role and availability of community pharmacists through the Pharmacy Integration Fund and GP Access Fund as outlined in the GP Forward view, increasing screening and treatment opportunities.

Tools to help you

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