Recommended actions to take

  • Evaluate coverage of lifestyle interventions for physical health and the degree to which they are integrated and accessible across care sectors and environments, including community-based health promotion and wellbeing initiatives.
  • Support whole system preventative interventions to address smoking and substance misuse rates and related harms
  • Ensure that systems are in place to provide adequate availability for an annual physical health check according to population need.
  • Review and adjust models of care to increase the uptake of screening, physical health checks and the number of preventative interventions:
    1. Develop flexible service models that target unmet physical health needs and management of long-term conditions for people with an SMI in partnership with other providers.
    2. Deliver care pathways that optimise local incentives to increase coverage of screening (including QoF targets) and interventions.
    3. Increase physical health risk and needs assessments to support primary care treatment plans and uptake of screening.
  • Deliver high-quality annual physical checks for those living with SMI:
    1. Use the full suite of cardiometabolic checks, including alcohol and substance misuse.
    2. Use the using the Lester tool or Bradford template where appropriate
    3. Ensure that relevant National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for screening and intervention are included in Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) mental health strategies, and are delivered (e.g. recommendation for an annual physical health check focussing on raised cardiometabolic risk factors).
  • Support the delivery of optimised prescribing guidelines and side effect management that use lifestyle interventions and strategies to support self-management, informed choice and involves family and carers.

Further recommendations are set out within the ‘Prevention‘ section.

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