Integrated care

Recommended actions to take

  • Develop a physical health strategy appropriate for people with serious mental illness (SMI), to be reviewed annually, which has:
  1. been developed in collaboration with other providers and commissioners
  2. clear leadership and reporting lines to the Board (or equivalent)
  3. clear, measurable deliverables and outcomes
  4. implementation plans
  5. protected staff and funding to deliver
  • Plan, invest in and implement changes to key enablers that underpin effective delivery including: IT and digital maturity, workforce, indicators, data and risk stratification tools, operational structures including leadership and reporting lines (e.g. team-based designated physical health leads) and cross sector care pathways.
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities across sectors, developing systems and working relationships that promote joint-accountability
  • Commissioners can support changes by:
    1. embedding incentives in contracts
    2. using commissioning levers to encourage collaboration and joint accountability

Further recommendations are set out within the ‘Integrated and coordinated care‘ section.

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