Attitudes and behaviours

This page highlights the importance of staff attitudes and behaviour and recommends actions to encourage better coordination across physical and mental healthcare boundaries.

Influence attitudes and behaviours

Support a shift in attitude to a position of shared accountability – where the whole system recognises an equal role in the reduction of inequalities.

Actions to take

  • Facilitate and encourage cross-sector collaboration, relationships and pathways. Engage with primary care, mental health, acute and community trusts, voluntary sector, local businesses, local authority and public health.
  • Develop cross-sector staffing models to deliver screening, monitoring and evidence-based treatments.
  • Improve communication, relationships and flexible pathways between acute trusts and inpatient mental health services.
  • Improve information sharing about non-NHS providers and support the development of clear navigation models for providers to access community-based interventions and wellbeing initiatives. This should be encouraged regardless of current care setting.
  • Encourage community leadership in supporting the physical health agenda.

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