Sustainable improvement

This page describes actions you can take and tools you can use to ensure your improvements to data quality and digital technology will be sustainable.

Recommended actions to take

Get set up for sustainable improvement

1. Improve coding and data quality to allow population planned services and tracking of serious mental illness (SMI) health care utilisation, treatment rates and outcomes –

2. Identify and collect data on key indicators and data in respect of health behaviours, healthcare utilisation and outcomes including intelligence on premature mortality.

3. Support the development and delivery of risk and needs assessment tools to better manage risk that enable a clear stratification of different needs (and associated funding requirements) and generate clear pathways for physical health outreach services to mental health trusts.

4. Develop robust time efficient data entry and extraction mechanisms to give organisations and frontline staff a picture of current population risks and practice, track progress over time and support quality improvement.

5. Use a quality improvement framework to monitor impact over time.

6. Develop integrated digital care records and interoperable systems

7. Prioritise investment and work to unify and share data sets effectively:

  • Plan, invest in and implement changes to key enablers that underpin effective delivery including: information technology (IT) and digital maturity, indicators, data and risk stratification tools.
  • Establish clear systems to share records and communicate results across sectors in a timely way.
  • Prioritise investment in interoperable clinical notes systems across primary and secondary care.
  • Work with NHS acute trusts in implementing and improving services for people with SMI who present to Accident and Emergency (A&E), and with primary care practices who have delivered work on unplanned admissions, to improve coding, shared learning and improved pathways and interventions to reduce unplanned admissions.

Tools to help you

The Five Year Forward View and Personalised Health and Care 2020 describe the commitment by the health and care system and the Government to use information and technology and make sure patient records are digital and interoperable by 2020.

Digital Roadmaps: Local areas have produced digital roadmaps to set out how they will achieve these commitments.

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