Better ways of working

This page contains information and links to external resources that can help you use data and digital technology to improve how your organisation responds to the needs of people living with a serious mental illness.

Recommended actions to take

Work in a more effective, sustainable way

  • Capture outcomes, including service user satisfaction, other patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) and health care utilisation across sectors.
  • Monitor and evaluate uptake and impact of workforce training and optimised prescribing standards on physical health outcomes and PROMs, using a quality improvement framework.
  • Ensure accuracy of those living with serious mental illness (SMI) is gained by regularly updating the SMI disease register
  • Support mental health services to use data to drive quality and improvement by:
    • Ensuring that all relevant data is available and accessed, possibly through a data dashboard.
    • Training staff to understand population need, healthcare utilisation patterns and health outcomes.

Use the London Mental Health Dashboard

The London Mental Health Dashboard combines a wide range of sources for a one-stop-data shop. It is a reliable and timely resource for London’s mental health. It is a transformational tool that can monitor and support the key strategic priorities of London’s mental health system. It contains clinical commissioning group (CCG) and provider information. It covers all age groups, from children through to older people.

Tools to help you

Go direct to the London Mental Health Dashboard hosted by NHS Benchmarking

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