Connections and relationships

This page highlights the importance of using connections and building relationships when planning improvements to better integrate physical and mental health care. 

Improve communication, relationships and flexible pathways between acute trusts, mental health and community services, and primary care.

Recommended actions to take

  • Develop the ‘liaison role’ of mental health services – work with a range of partners to ensure acute or long-term physical health needs of service users are met.
  • Support the development of shared working with physical health providers.
  • Put in place data sharing arrangements, interoperable note systems and shared care arrangements for prescribing, medication monitoring, acute pathways and preventive care.
  • Develop strong and cohesive relationships and systems with primary care to establish joint accountability and effective and efficient mechanisms to support information transfer and shared working.
  • Commission and implement better systems for information sharing and access to community health promotion, prevention and wellbeing initiatives.

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