Care planning and self-management

This page offers ideas and tools to help you involve people who have experience of mental illness in self-managing and planning their own physical health and wellbeing.

Mental health experiences, such as low mood, low self-esteem and symptoms of psychosis, can make it difficult for people to look after their physical health. Empowering service users to self-manage their physical health is vital. Often service users are not provided with the information and guidance they need to manage their physical health. Community settings are essential in providing advice, support and activities to improve self-management.

Suggested solutions

  • Deliver interventions to support self-management of physical health and wellbeing that emphasise the positive roles peer support (accessed through service user-led and voluntary organisations) and supportive family and friends can play.
  • Support prescribing guidelines and side-effect management with alternative strategies, such as social prescribing, peer and community support.
  • Ensure informed and shared decision making and the involvement of family and unpaid carers in care planning.

Tools to help you

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