General mental health advice

Good Thinking

Looking after your mental health 

This Good Thinking article offers advice on what apps and other resources are available to support you if you are feeling stressed, anxious, sleep deprived or depressed.

5 ways to good mental wellbeing

Good Thinking, offers advice on 5 ways in which you can improve your mental health and wellbeing, as recommended by the NHS. It details how to stay connected, being physically active, learning new things, practicing mindfulness.

Staying mentally well whist self-isolating Q&A

This Good Thinking page, offers advice on how to stay mentally well when self isolating. It explains what self-isolation means, tips on how to stay connected to family and friends during this time, how to stay in touch with existing mental health professionals, and practical steps to make isolation easier.

Getting enough sleep

This Good Thinking article talks about how adults can ensure they get better sleep. Research has shown that being helped to sleep better really helps to reduce stress.

Benefits of healthy sleep patterns

This is a podcast in which Michael Farquhar (Consultant in Paediatric Sleep Medicine) provides insight into how to get a good nights sleep and why this is beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Dealing with stress

Good Thinking provides advice on how to deal with stress when you’re having to stay during the coronavirus pandemic. There is information on a self assessment that can be taken on good thinking to determine stress levels and free apps on good thinking that can support you.

Fact of friction? How to avoid fake news about coronavirus

This article provides insight into how you can avoid fake news about coronavirus. It includes information on how to question this information, limiting information intake to only trusted sources e.g. the NHS and Government and thinking before posting on social media.

Managing conflict and domestic abuse

This Good Thinking article provides advice on how to manage conflict and domestic abuse during lockdowns and how to manage relationships in your household. It also provides information on emergency phone numbers and helplines that can provide support.

Useful links (children,young people, parents, helplines)

This Good Thinking page list’s useful websites to help you find the information you need on topics such as mental heath advice for young people, healthcare workers and parents and carers. It also provides helpline information and workbooks for dealing with anxiety.

How to maintain a healthy, balanced diet

The Good Thinking team has put together some tips to help you shop for and prepare healthy and nutritious meals during lockdowns due to the pandemic.

UK Government

Guidance for Local Authorities on children’s social care

The UK Government have published guidance for children’s social care services; local authorities and their partners to help support and protect vulnerable children.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Resources and information for general public/ parents around COVID–19

The RCPCH provide some useful resources from across the UK for Nichiren and their families. These resources include how to talk to children about Covid-19, medicines advice, visiting hospital, mental health and wellbeing and more.

The Association for Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Helping children with autism during coronavirus

This is a podcast in which Dr. Ann Ozsivadjian is joined by Dr. Marianna Murin, they discuss issues that may arise for autistic children including the disruption of closing schools, anxiety and obsessive behaviours. They focus on practical tips like how to help manage anxiety, maintain structure and support and explain the situation to young people.

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