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Provider development support kit

This kit aims to support provider organisations to develop and understand their requirements to grow in maturity and readiness.

The way general practice services are provided is changing, becoming more centred on users’ needs, more accessible both by traditional and innovative routes, and more proactive in preventing illness and supporting health.

General practice will need to work together to form larger primary care organisations if it is to improve sufficiently. This will give groups of practices the opportunity to focus on population health and provide extended opening hours whilst protecting the offer of local, personal continuity of care. GP practices  will need to interact as equal partners with other organisations in an integrated health system in order to deliver person-centred coordinated care. The challenge is therefore to develop primary care working at scale.

This kit aims to support provider organisations to develop, and to understand their requirements in order to grow in maturity and readiness.

It contains:

  • Background to the new model of care
  • Provider readiness – what is the development journey?
  • New provider models – what are the benefits and challenges of each type of model?
  • Self assessment tool
  • Appendix Case studies providing examples of providers working at scale


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