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Personalisation and self-care case for change

This report outlines the case for change for increasing personalisation of London’s health and care and encouraging more self-care. 

Poor citizen experience and outcomes,  growing demand from an ageing population, more people with one or more long-term conditions, fragmented and unsustainable models of care and an unprecedented financial challenge are all reasons underpinning why the health and care system needs to empower people and communities to take control and proactively self-serve.

The report was was initially presented to the London Transformation Group in December 2015 and the NHS London Regional Executive Team in January 2016. It has been revised following the announcement of the NHS national self-care programme, the £584m self-care efficiency aspiration and the publication of the NHS planning guidance (with its commitments to patient activation, self-care and the major expansion of personal health budgets.

It provides for sustainability and transformation planning around the benefits of improving self-care and aims to support the development of London’s sustainability and transformation plans.


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