In London, we are supporting the use and analysis of HoNOS as a clinician reported outcome measure (CROM).

What is HoNOS?
HoNOS (Health of the Nation Outcome Scales) is a method of measuring the health and social functioning of people with severe mental illness. It is comprised of 12 scales that measure behaviour, impairment, symptoms and social functioning.

To support the commitment of using HoNOS as a CROM for London, the London Mental Health in Integrated Care Systems (MHICS) team has:

1. Developed a training package to ensure HoNOS is used correctly and consistently by clinicians and to promote understanding of the value and utility of using HoNOS as a CROM.

2. Developed HoNOS analytical materials which will enable data to be routinely fed back in a clinically meaningful, visually appealing, easily interpretable format at a clinician and team level.

We also commissioned a report looking at clinical use of outcome measures (in particular HoNOS). The report provides an overview of the reasons clinicians do (and don’t) use clinical outcome measures, and makes recommendations for improving their use. This report initiated the creation of the HoNOS resources.

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Pan London Training – Introduction to HoNOS video

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