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Strengthening general practice collaboration across London

Watch our animation and find out how working at scale supports primary care networks, benefits practices and their patients and strengthens general practice collaboration across London

Next Steps maturity matrix and resource guide

This maturity matrix and resource guide accompanies the Next Steps: A Vision for Strengthening General Practice Collaboration in London. Next Steps defines a vision for London with regards to larger scale general practice as a key enabler to delivering high quality, resilient primary care that can participate effectively in the leadership of Primary Care Networks and Integrated Care Systems.

The online resource guide provides useful information, exploring the characteristics of good general practice at scale, as described in the Next Steps framework. It highlights experience and case studies that illustrate the opportunities associated with collaborative general practice. The accompanying maturity matrix articulates increasing states of maturity for larger-scale general practice organisations (LGPOs) against specific themes identified in Next Steps, and includes a clear state of high organisational maturity to which LGPOs can aspire.

This guide also outlines characteristics of what good at-scale working looks like across key areas, including:

  • Comprehensive population-based care
  • Systems information and quality improvement
  • Organisational capabilities
  • Effective governance and stewardship
  • Building collaborative system partnerships.

Download the Next Steps resource guide

Next Steps maturity matrix

This maturity matrix can be downloaded or printed. It can be used as a guide to assess the stage of maturity of larger-scale general practice organisations and to identify development areas to focus on. Please see the Annex section of the Resource Guide for more information about how to use this matrix.

Download the Next Steps Maturity Matrix (template to print)

Reading and resources

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