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#MindNBody – co-designing perinatal mental health services

A holistic approach to perinatal mental health

In the third series of #MatExp Whose Shoes?® resources, the #MindNBody project has focused on promoting a holistic approach to perinatal mental health. The culmination of this latest project is the publication of over 100 new scenarios and 14 poems which are now available in 50 NHS trusts who have signed up for the Whose Shoes? package. Through this work, the #MatExp project has now produced over 30 best practice case studies, including this brand new #MindNBody booklet.

The earlier booklets can be found here:

#MindNBody resources

#MatExp is a powerful social movement which has been running since 2014 and was officially endorsed at NHS Change Day in March 2015. The campaign’s aim is to collaboratively collate good practice projects or examples which have improved maternity care using the Whose Shoes?® approach.

In early 2018, the #MatExp campaign launched the #MindNBody project, to improve perinatal mental health care and help people to focus on a holistic ‘Mind N Body’ approach to maternity experience. The project is a partnership of three NHS regions, London, the South West and the West Midlands to crowdsource a series of #MindNBody resources.

The scope of the project is extremely broad, tackling everything from wellbeing and prevention to serious mental health issues. Developing and testing #MindNBody resources has given the partnership the opportunity to identify existing best practice, as well as develop some new co-produced solutions to improve care for women and families.

It is exciting to see the new #MindNBody Whose Shoes? resources being used at workshops across the country to spark ‘crucial conversations for change’ between women and families and healthcare professionals.

The #MindNBody project is co-funded by Health Education England (HEE) North West London Partnership in Innovative Education (PIE) PNMH project team, the South West Clinical Networks and the West Midlands Clinical Network and Senate.


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