Training forms the core of any Making Every Contact Count programme. Use these checklists and samples of training provided by other organisations to develop your approach.

Ensuring staff have the skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver the right messages, and signpost people to appropriate services is key to success.

If you are commissioning or designing training, or comparing training course’s content, the quality marker training checklist compiled by Public Health England and Health Education England can be used to assess the quality of the content.

The following are examples of training materials from other organisations.  These are provided as examples only and are not accredited or endorsed by Healthy London Partnership:

  BMJ E-learning – very brief advice for smoking 

  Camden and Islington e-learning package

  Essex County Council e-learning package

  Health Education North West e-learning package

  Health Education England e-learning package

  Haringey e-learning package

  Kent Surrey & Sussex MECC Skills Training Course

  Wessex Public Health Network train the trainer course

  MECC workbook – the training tree

Further reading for staff

All Our Health is a call to action for all healthcare professionals to use their skills and relationships to maximise their impact on avoidable illness, health protection and promotion of wellbeing and resilience.

The following resources from ‘All Our Health’ give more detail on the big 5 topics and could be used for further reading for staff following training:

 Health Matters –  Alcohol

 Health Matters – Tobacco

 Health Matters – Obesity

 Health Matters – Physical Activity

 Health Matters – Wellbeing in Mental Health

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