Buy in and ownership

More making every contact count initiatives are successfully embedded and sustained when they are supported by the organisation’s senior leaders. Use these guides and sample presentations to identify opportunities and approaches for engaging your senior leaders.

When planning a making every contact count programme think about who you need to get to back your plans. Consider whether your organisations senior leaders understand what making every contact count means. Look for opportunities to increase their awareness and get more senior leaders involved. When this is considered from the start, it will go a long way to ensuring a MECC supportive culture is in place for best chance of success (see more about this later in the ‘Culture’ section).

  Use Public Health England’s implementation guide to plan who to engage with and how

These are sample presentations given to local organisations boards to explain the benefits of making every contact count:

  Example Board level slides – Wessex Public Health Network

  Example board level slides – 2gether NHS Foundation Trust

NHS England has collated 12 brief evaluations of making every contact count projects. Summaries include outlines of how senior leaders were involved:

  NHS England: Making every contact count project evaluation examples



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