Evaluation tools

Tools designed to assist London organisations to plan and carry out evaluations of making every contact count projects and programmes.

Use this evaluation framework produced by Health Education England and Public Health England to establish the types of information (individual and organisational) that could be collected to evaluate your programme or activity:

Evaluation framework for making every contact count initiatives

The Wessex Public Health Network offers a sample record sheet for keeping track of making every contact count activity:

  MECC conversations recording sheet

NICE has developed beta versions of a return on investment (ROI) tool for public health commissioners and decision-makers for smoking, alcohol and physical activity and social and emotional wellbeing:

  ROI tool

This NICE ROI tool can be used to:

  • model the effects of single, or multiple, interventions on at-risk population groups
  • estimate the overall costs against the value of non-health benefits as well as health and wellbeing improvements
  • mix and match interventions to see which package provides the best outcome
  • identify cost savings or determine if the additional benefits are worth the extra costs
  • customise the tools to include data and interventions specific to your local area
  • use the results to help support your business cases.



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