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London’s Mental Health System Stocktake and Modelling

With NHS England (London) we commissioned a London Mental Health System Stocktake and Modelling report from NHS Benchmarking Network, reviewing the provision of inpatient mental health beds and specialist community services in London:

  • The report assesses the current scale of delivery of specialist mental health services across London and how this relates to the known demand for services as evidenced by both current and historic data.
  • The focus of the work is primarily on London’s bed stock and trends related to inpatient care, however, to fully contextualise London’s services the work also includes analysis of specialist community based mental health services.
  • The work takes a forward view to assess likely population trends over the next 5 years. This is relevant in anticipating the broad trends of likely future demand and what London’s mental health system might do to anticipate and accommodate these projected changes.
  • In addition, a modelling tool has been developed to support the London Mental Health System Stocktake. The tool allows a number of scenarios to be modelled, to assist providers and commissioners in London in assessing the impact that would be had if changes were made to various constituents of the inpatient care pathway.

NHS Benchmarking have published a report summarising the findings from the 2019 international mental health indicators benchmarking project. The work explores a series of high value indicators in mental health care. The work was shaped directly by its participants and was conducted through a framework provided by the International Initiative for Mental Health Leadership (IIMHL), with project management and data analysis support delivered by the UK NHS Benchmarking Network.

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