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An information support pack is now available. The pack contains national policy and key messages or challenges in the pharmacy sector; case studies of best practice for primary healthcare on role of pharmacy; an outline of the range of roles pharmacy ‘can’ do and ‘could’ to support out of hospital and improve access to care.

London Pharmacy Matters Event – 26th May 2016 – The King’s Fund

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society, NHS England, Health Education England, Strategic Partnership Groups representatives and clinical and community pharmacists came together at an event hosted by Healthy London Partnership – Workforce Programme to discuss how pharmacy could be utilised more as new care models are developed in London.

As highlighted in General Practice Forward View and ‘Now or Never: Shaping Pharmacy for the Future’, pharmacy is a resource that could play an important role in the continued transformation of primary and community care. For example: it is recognised that pharmacy could facilitate integrated ways of working, support medicines optimisation, public health initiatives and ease demand for access to primary care on a local level.

The events key findings echoed this aspiration and participants focused on solutions to barriers in technology, recruitment, health economics, commissioning and the public and professional perception to unlock pharmacy’s potential in London.

The event output and the activity write up notes are also available for download.

The future of pharmacy in London

Watch London pharmacists share their visions for the future of pharmacy in London.

Part 1 – The future of pharmacy  | Part 2 – The future of pharmacy | Part 3 – The future of pharmacy 

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