Asthma control tests

This section is intended for clinicians caring for children with asthma in a hospital or tertiary care setting. It outlines examples of best practice in the assessment, treatment and ongoing management of children and young people with asthma in an acute setting.

An asthma control score helps to:

  • ensure that the correct diagnosis has been made
  • ensure the child is on the appropriate prescribing management step and it is clearly documented
  • identify potential barriers and reasons for poorly controlled asthma: using an Asthma Control Test see examples below

Resources to support you

The ‘Asthma and you’ website can help you understand how well a child’s asthma is controlled. It goes through a series of questions about their asthma to give an Asthma Control Score*. (ACT/C-ACT). It has been developed for use in the North Thames Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC).

*The licence was donated to Professor Grigg (Queen Mary University of London) by GSK to support CLAHRC North Thames research



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