Great Weight Date

The Great Weight Debate aims to raise awareness of London’s childhood obesity epidemic and gather ideas from Londoners about how children can be helped to lead healthier lives. Debate activities are being led locally by boroughs and coordinated by Healthy London Partnership.

Great Weight Debate will highlight global evidence that shows obesity is caused by London’s abnormal environment, including:

  • widely available cheap, high calorie food, such as fast food outlets and fizzy drinks
  • larger portion sizes than in the past
  • marketing of unhealthy foods to children
  • confusion about what the healthiest food options are for their children amongst parents
  • lack of understanding of what a ‘normal’ weight is for a child
  • a city environment that discourages walking and cycling.

As well as attending events and roadshows, Londoners can take part in survey, and make pledges and videos. All the views and ideas gathered during the Great Weight Debate will be used to inform the next stage of the debate.