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In focus – National cancer patient experience survey

The National Cancer Patient Survey (NCPES) 2015 is the fifth iteration of the survey first undertaken in 2010. It has been designed to drive improvements in a patient’s experience of cancer care and inform commissioners and service providers. The 2015 survey has been published for the first time as Official Statistics.

For the 2015 and future surveys the CQC standard for reporting comparative performance has been adopted. This is based on calculations of “expected ranges” for each question. Trusts will be flagged as outliers only if they are not scored within the expected range.

There have been a number of significant changes to the structure and question content of the 2015 survey:

  • the length of the questionnaire has been reduced
  • response options have been reviewed and changed to make them consistent throughout the survey
  • some of the questions and / or answer options have been changed so that they are now in line with questions in other patient surveys (e.g. the Care Quality Commission national patient surveys), to improve comparability between them
  • the topic areas within the questionnaire have been redesigned to capture the whole patient journey


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