Falls prevention

Early intervention is vital in order to help reduce falls. This page contains useful information and resources to support falls prevention in care homes.

Training materials

The training materials available to download here are courtesy of Greenwich CCG developed for care homes as part of the Greenwich Falls in Care Homes Elimination Strategy (GreenFInCHES) project.

Chair Yoga

Benefits of chair yoga

Chair yoga is a popular, accessible and safe exercise. It can be adapted to any environment and is a great activity to help strengthen the body, improve flexibility and balance and can really help improve your breathing.

Who is it for?

Chair yoga is for everyone, and encourages you to move your body in a way that can really help increase your strength and balance. Whether you work in an office all day or are wanting to develop your fitness and wellbeing.

You can practice on any chair; however you want to ensure that it is sturdy, with a solid back. Do not use a chair that is low to the ground or has wheels; you don’t want to be rolling around everywhere!…you want to feel grounded and supported.

Things to watch out for…

If practicing with patients or residents, safety comes first! It is always important to do a risk assessment of an individuals physical health, functional ability and environment. Some people may need assistance and not all exercises will be suitable for everyone.

If your feet don’t reach the floor, place a cushion or large book under your feet to help you connect with the ground. You may also need extra support for your back, so use an additional cushion or blanket to place behind you.

Read more about Chair Yoga here.

Studies have shown that falls injuries can be reduced by up to 60% by educating patients and carers about falls prevention.  The campaign is being led by Medline who have developed resources to raise awareness….here is a link to their site and campaign materials. https://www.medline.eu/uk/solutions/falls-prevention-programme/falls-awareness-week

Further resources


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