Seasonal readiness

How we’re supporting care home teams

Our focus is to raise awareness of the support available to care homes via care home networks across London and locally.

Within these pages you will find a list of resources we have developed for STPs and CCGs to share with care homes to help them during winter and busy periods where additional support may be needed.

The key aims of the resources are to offer valuable information and guidance to support health and social care providers and commissioners with the delivery of high quality, well-coordinated and consistent services to residents in care homes or supportive living.

Our key priorities are to ensure care home teams get the right support to:

  • keep their residents well
  • get appropriate access to senior clinical advice
  • ensure their residents receive acute care in the appropriate setting, and return home as swiftly as possible
  • train their staff in recognising early signs of deterioration in their residents, and action to take
  • respond to seasonal and operational pressures as partners across health and social care

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