Closing the mortality gap

A guide to help support and inform commissioners to improve the physical health of individuals with serious mental illness (SMI). 

There is clear evidence that individuals with serious mental illness have high rates of physical illness. They are less likely to gain from public health interventions or receive appropriate screening, diagnosis and treatment for a range of conditions.  They can have poorer health outcomes than the general population. This has contributed to a 10-20 year mortality gap. This indicates that current healthcare provision is inaccessible and inadequate to meet their needs.

The guide has been developed by clinical leaders in broad consultation with stakeholders across health and social care sectors. Service user, provider and commissioner expertise have been used to prioritise areas for action. It is grounded in recommendations of The Mental Health Taskforce Five Year Forward View for Mental Health, the national review highlighting areas for improvement in mental health commissioning and provision of services.

A more detailed implementation guide with a review of current evidence and best practice examples is in development.


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