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Cancer care reviews: template business case

This template business case has been produced by our Transforming Cancer Services Team to support commissioners in London to improve cancer care reviews for patients in their area.

Commissioners can use this template to create a business case to take to their board that recommends introducing our four point model for cancer care reviews. The four point model aims to provide better support to patients by offering more structured, standardised cancer care reviews.

Patients are typically offered a one-off cancer care review in their GP practice within six months of diagnosis as part of the Quality Outcomes Framework. However, two surveys of London-based primary care professionals show that there is wide variation in the completion of these reviews for patients across London and also that the quality of the review itself can vary. This may be due to time and appointment constraints, but also due to the lack of clarity of the aims of the review and what it needs to cover. GPs have told us that they would like to see a more structured pathway for reviews while patients would like a service that caters for their long term needs after their initial treatment ends.

There have been a number of models across the UK where further guidance for the cancer care review has been proposed and in some cases incentivised. Our Transforming Cancer Services Team reviewed and compared these projects and took forward the best practice from all to create the four point model for holistic cancer care reviews that is endorsed by the Londonwide London Medical Council and the London Cancer Commissioning Board.

This template business case includes:

  • a contents page and executive summary
  • a section on the benefits of the four point model for cancer care reviews
  • a section on current cancer care review processes
  • a recommendations section for commissioners to add in the type of service that they are proposing be commissioned (for example at STP or local area level)
  • a section for commissioners to add in the estimated cost analysis of commissioning the four point model
  • a section for commissioners to add in details of any risks and issues.

Within this document there are sections where commissioners need to add in local information and these sections are clearly highlighted. Commissioners can delete sections and appendices if they are not required and can use their own branding on the document. All of the references within this business case are fully detailed elsewhere.  A sample service specification will be available shortly.

Please contact the Transforming Cancer Services team for a word version of the business case at


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