South Staffordshire Service


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The South Staffordshire Service

Region: South Staffordshire, Burton, East Staffordshire, including Uttoxeter. Also just across the County border, if registered with GP practices in South Derbyshire.

Geography: Urban and rural

Background / Motivation

GPs who wanted to reduce hospital admissions


  • Hospital avoidance
  • Care close to home
  • Early hospital discharge

Target patient groups

Referrals are for:

  • Acutely unwell CYP (bronchiolitis, gastroenteritis)
  • CYP with exacerbation of LTC (asthma, oncology)
  • Children with complex and long term conditions

The service model

  • Single point of access (in-hours) and mobile contact for out-of-hours.
  • A nurse visits/contacts family within 3 hours of receipt of a referral.
  • The nurse does telephone triage & prioritises the referral Home visit by nurse if appropriate.
  • Nurses have skyguard with GPS tracking for security whilst on home visit.
  • Nurses can refer patient directly secondary care if clinical conditions dictates.
  • IV antibiotics- no more than twice daily, normally request for children to be once a day ceftriaxone if poss. They have done three times a day but this is difficult (down to capacity).
  • Children with complex care are managed with in the same team.

Opening times

(West) team 7 days per week 9am – 10pm and bank holidays 9am-5pm (initially it was 24 hrs, but this was reduced following an audit as there wasn’t enough demand for overnight care).

East team 9am to 8pmMon-Fri , 9-5 pm Weekends and Bank Holidays.



Nurse Band 8, WTE 1

Nurse band 7, WTE 0.9

Nurse bande 6, WTE 6.2

HCA band 3, WTE 0.8

Admin band 3, WTF 0.6

Who can refer

  • The caseload takes acute referrals from GP practices with the aim being to avoid hospital referral but are able to refer them into CAU directly if any concerns.
  • West team – Referrals are made by health professionals, including GPs, hospital staff, HV. Referrals are generally made by telephone, letter or fax. The service covers children and young people who live in South Staffordshire area and are registered with a South Staffordshire GP.
  • East team – referrals for children registered with GP practices in Burton and the surrounding locality of East Staffordshire, including Uttoxeter. In addition, referrals for children just across the County border, registered with GP practices in South Derbyshire.

Who is accountable for patients

Each professional involved is accountable for their clinical decision making related to the child’s care.

Funding organisation

CCG currently block contract

Level of patient/family involvement

  • Friends and family cards
  • Meridian Survey via website
  • Bi annual NICE Audit

Challenges, successes, lessons learned and advice

  • Service needs experienced nurses
  • Flexible working
  • 24 hour end of life care (named patient basis)
  • Identify funding for equipment and consumables
  • Additional services: phlebotomy clinic, nurse led dermatology
  • nurse led constipation clinic

Contact for more information

Kathryn Wilson Team leader  (West)

Heather Parr  Team Leader (East)

Tel 01785 229032 07980 897866


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