Seven-day community children’s nurse

South Tyneside Community Children’s Nursing Team, seven-day community children’s nurse

Started: 1998
Region: South Shields, Jarrow, Hebburn, Cleadon and Whitburn
Geography: Coastal region mainly urban
Estimated local pop. 0-18 years: 0 -15 population is 26,385


Service is to provide nursing care, education, support and liaison for population of South Tyneside. The aim is to prevent, avoid or reduce hospital admission where it is safe and in the child’s interest to do so.

Started as an acute intervention in 1998 as a pilot scheme


  1. Prevent hospital admission
  2. Reduce length of stay

Target patient groups

  • Children and young people with an acute illness
  • Children and young people  with a long term condition
  • Children and young people  who require palliative care

The service model

  • It provides direct nursing care and education in the community, to support families with children during acute, chronic and palliative phases of illness
  • Link in with Consultant-led rapid review clinic
  • Referral criteria for acute respiratory illness – oxygen saturations must be >94%, unless there is a cardiology element where this is not the norm.

Referral criteria for IV antibiotics – depends on capacity, but usually can’t administer more than twice a day; encourage clinicians to transfer to once daily Ceftriaxone whenever clinically possible.

Opening times

8am – 6pm, 365 days a year


All CCN staff are sick children trained. Senior staff have the BSc Hons. in community health care and the independent and supplementary nurse prescribing qualification. All qualified staff have, plan to or are presently doing the clinical skills and history-taking course.

Who can refer

The CYP must live within the borough and be within the specified age range – 0 – 16 or 19 to those with special needs

Receives referrals from:

  • Local hospitals
  • Specialist teams from Regional hospitals
  • GOSH (Great Ormond Street Hospital), Birmingham children’s hospital, Alder Hey, St James etc.
  • HV, SN, District nurses, physiotherapists etc.

Who is accountable for patients

The discharging clinician until local care is agreed. The CCN would seek advice from the most appropriate clinician, and or GP


Linked with Emergency care for children department (EEC)

Funding organisation

CCG funded via acute hospital trust block budget

Level of patient/family involvement

Families are involved throughout the process. The patient experience is assessed through the friends and family questionnaire process. There is a link team member for the CAPI team which is care and patient involvement champion.


Results from CAPI team taken and analysed from patient feedback forms. Complaints and compliments audit are also completed.

Challenges, successes, lessons learned and advice

Please come and talk to us, we are happy to share our experiences. Part of the wider paediatric team is essential.

Contact for more information

Gill Gunn, Team Leader

0191 202 2183


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