Integrated paediatric services

Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust integrated paediatric services – Community Children’s Nursing & Therapies Service

Started: Integrated with Community children’s therapies in 2014 
Region: Sandwell, West Midlands
Geography: Urban
Estimated local pop. 0-18 years: 76,867


Integrated CCN services across acute wards and in the community. This service was set up for those children with nursing needs to receive specialist care by appropriately qualified staff in their own home Initially team consisted of traditional CCNs. now includes CCN in special schools, CCN in focus provision & mainstream schools, palliative care, complex care for those who require care packages


Deliver a service to children & young people in the acute and community setting

Target patient groups

0-16 years (19 special needs) chronic & acute conditions

The service model

  • Children with chronic illness being seen by the same team of professionals in both hospital and community
  • Facilitate direct access and admission to hospital
  • Multi-disciplinary working
  • Working with consultants in clinics located in hospitals, homes and schools
  • CCNs have specialist interests and skills in dermatology, asthma, epilepsy, haemoglobinopathy, endocrinology

Opening times

Monday –Friday 0800-1800 excluding Bank Holidays. Saturdays 0800-1600 Emergencies only


24.0 WTE of which 5.26WTE are traditional CCN

Who can refer

Referrals are only taken if the CYP has a paediatrician and a Sandwell GP. We do not take referrals from Primary Care

Who is accountable for patients

Paediatric Consultant


Part of Sandwell & West Birmingham NHS Trust and based at Sandwell hospital. CCN special schools are based at the schools. We have a small budget for equipment, consumables, but the complex care packages are commissioned by CCG so equipment, staffing, etc is included in the price of the care package.

Funding organisation

Complex Care packages are funded by Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG, the rest of funding is Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust.

Level of patient/family involvement

The team provides the highest quality of individual holistic care to the child and family. We respect the views, rights and individuality of each child and young person, and will be treated as that first. Care will always be family centred and takes into consideration their different background, cultures, family structure and beliefs. The CCN team works closely together and respects each other experience and knowledge. We reflect on our practice and are open to new ideas and are flexible to negotiated care, which is responsive to the child and family’s needs. We evaluate the service offered using questionnaires when they are discharged from the service.

Level of integration in the system

There is integration on all levels, as we are linked with schools, tertiary care, social care, voluntary sector, primary care, education.

Challenges, successes, lessons learned and advice

Integrated discharge planning; effective communication between acute and community;  outreach to schools including mainstream; working across teams; shared resources

Contact for more information

Jackie Williams, Community Children’s Nurse Team Leader

0121 507 2633


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