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Quality Improvement projects

The Psychological Therapies for Severe Mental Health Problems programme team in collaboration with Lived Experience Practitioners (LXPs) co-produced a root cause analysis to understand the barriers to accessing PT-SMHP from service providers’ and service users’ perspectives. The result of this analysis was a total of sixteen change ideas, of which three were prioritised for action. The current focus is a quality improvement project ‘to promote the delivery of therapies that are accessible and responsive to the needs of diverse populations’. The approach taken was to map and collate information on good practices/interventions that mental health providers have adopted or are adopting to make therapies and therapy services more accessible.

Sharing learning and best practice across London

The team has collated relevant information and through group discussions and interviews with staff members at individual trusts to produce a comprehensive resource pack which spotlights learning and best practice across the region.

Download the resource pack here

The programme team also has a project to ‘raise the profile of Psychological Therapies for Severe Mental Health Problems’, in the pipeline as a priority for this year. Through this work, we aim to establish a framework for strengthened strategic engagement with key NHS stakeholders at national, regional levels and third sector organisations in the psychological therapies for severe mental health problems space. The expectation is that this will foster better intra and intersectoral collaboration, raise awareness to key programme successes and challenges in a structured manner.

More webinars may be organised contingent on general appetite for continuity and perceived value-add. Further details and output from this work will continue to be added to this page.

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