MiDoS search tool

We are working with a range of partners to provide wider access to information about NHS, local authority and voluntary sector services. The aim is to support patient referrals to primary, community and unscheduled care services.

We have developed the MiDoS© search tool. It can be used by health care professionals to find service information in a variety of settings and on the move.

Using  MiDoS©

MiDoS© has been piloted by London Ambulance Service, A&E staff and GPs in urgent care settings.

The most frequent searches by Ambulance and A&E staff are GP bypass numbers and community services, which highlights the potential for reducing unnecessary A&E attendances and admissions.

Public access to MiDos

Members of the public can access the same information using the search tool we have developed that is hosted on the My Health London website. The most common public search is for pharmacy opening times on Bank Holidays.

Visit the My Health London website homepage to try out the search

For further information or for access to MiDos, please contact nelcsu.londondos@nhs.net

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