Children and Young People’s Mental Health Workforce

Transformation Partners in Health and Care worked to develop a strategy for the children and young people’s mental health (CYPMH) workforce in early 2019 with significant input from a number of people from across the CYPMH system.

Children and young people’s mental health workforce strategy

The strategy focuses on those whose jobs support the mental health of children and young people (the workforce) and aims to explain why this topic is important, what we did to explore it and our findings.  The strategy has been developed in collaboration with Youth Access and Hearts and Minds, and Health Education England who funded and contributed to the final document.

The strategy outlines the background to our work, the challenges that are faced across the system, including real examples of these challenges, followed by clear recommendations on how to address these issues.

Explore the strategy document here

Launch event

The strategy document was launched on Thursday, 30 May 2019 at the Royal Festival Hall to an audience of around 100 individuals representing organisations and groups from across the CYPMH system. The event showcased the truly collaborative process that went into the development of the strategy, and the voice of children and young people that is present throughout. The event also heard from Izzy and Jacob of Here, Queer and Mentally Unclear who gave a brave and thought provoking performance about the relationship between LGBTQ+ identity and mental health.

Further information

If you would like to hear more about this piece of work, please contact Jessica Simpson.

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