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NHSmail animations and graphics

Twitter posts

Care Homes can now have access to email addresses to safely share patient information digitally. Just complete your Data Security and Protection Toolkit and choose a registration route:

Getting NHSmail is easier than ever for Care Homes: 1) Submit a DSPT 2) Register for NHSmail 3) Start seeing the benefits

Facebook post

Care homes can now get access to a email account.

NHSmail is approved to be used to share confidential health and care information.

Signing up is just the beginning of the journey to support care providers to harness digital technology to be #BetterConnected.

Get started:

LinkedIn post

Care homes can now get access to a email account. As an approved way to share confidential health and care information, it can make working with social care much easier.

If you’re working with a care provider, encourage them to sign up:

Instagram posts

#NHSmail is much more than an email account for care providers, it is a tool for greater collaboration with a wider network, increase the speed for administrative processes and a way to share confidential details on a secure platform. That’s why it’s so important #BetterConnected


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