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Pan London Personalised Cancer Care health inequalities steering group

7th October 2021

A Pan London personalised cancer care health inequalities steering group was established in October 2020. This was following two workshops held over the summer with a wide range of health professionals’ and patients’ involvement. The steering group wanted  to understand who does and does not receive Personalised Cancer Care interventions and any inequalities within the cancer workforce in London. We want to understand more about specific inequalities issues related to patients, families and the workforce locally; provide recommendations for changes in practice so that no one is disadvantaged or excluded and ensure any recommendations from the group does not inadvertently widen inequalities.

The Objectives

• To influence stakeholders on issues, by using evidence related to personalised cancer care and inequalities.

• To “share the good practice” – so that we can learn and spread changes quickly across London

• To give focus on areas that have not been tackled historically –so that we do not start with the quick wins and stop there

• To use existing PCC KPI data to conduct deep dives into the demographic profile of people receiving interventions –so that we can understand who isn’t receiving interventions and action plan accordingly.

• To undertake a horizon scanning exercise –so that we utilise the learning and evidence which already exists e.g. from third sectors and other organisations.

• To be mutually accountable and collaborative through a Personalised Cancer Care & Inequalities steering group –so that we can demonstrate our progress and reprioritise as required.

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